NEW DEVELOPMENT 2023 | REMUS Titanium Exhaust System

Discover our brand-new sport exhaust for the M3/M4 (G80, G81, G82) made of high-tech titanium:

081021 1510TI + 081021 1401 + tail pipe set

081021 1510TI + 081021 1401 + 081021 1300 + tail pipe set

081021 1510TI + 081021 1401 + 081021 1200 + tail pipe set

081021 1510TI + 081021 1401 + 081021 1200 + 081021 1100 + tail pipe set


This Sport Exhaust System also includes our OPT Titanium Tailpipes!

OPT stands for OnePieceTechnology and are the lightest Tailpipes in the world!

  • These high tech tailpipes only weight 333g and are available in in two different colours:
  • 0048 70TI – Titanium brushed Ø 100mm
  • 0048 70TIB – Titanium black PVD coated Ø 100mm
  • They will be shipped as set incl. titanium clamp and titanium screw.

Titanium Sport Exhaust Systems for the BMW M3/M4 Typ(e) G234M

Our Titanium Sport Exhaust: where performance meets precision. Crafted from the lightweight and robust metal, this exhaust system is engineered to enhance your driving experience to exhilarating new heights.

With its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, titanium delivers a distinct advantage over traditional materials. Every curve, bend, and weld is meticulously crafted to optimize exhaust flow, resulting in increased power, improved throttle response, and an unmistakable roar that commands attention.

Designed with performance enthusiasts in mind, the Titanium Sport Exhaust combines advanced engineering with a touch of artistry. Its sleek and aerodynamic design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your vehicle but also reduces back pressure, unlocking the true potential of your engine.

But it's not just about power and performance. The Titanium Sport Exhaust is a testament to quality and durability. Resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, it's built to withstand the harshest conditions and provide years of reliable service.

Whether you're on the track or cruising the open road, the Titanium Sport Exhaust amplifies the symphony of your engine, delivering a thrilling and immersive driving experience. It's the perfect blend of form and function, a testament to precision engineering that elevates your vehicle to a whole new level.

Embrace the power, unleash the sound, and experience the ultimate upgrade with the REMUS Titanium Sport Exhaust.


Don't hesitate and order your OPT Titanium Tailpipes today.

Titanium brushed => NOW AVAILABLE!

Titanium black PVD coated => NOW AVAILABLE!