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REMUS Slip-On "NOTTE", stainless steel black, incl. (ECE-) approval
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REMUS Slip-On "NOTTE" stainless steel for VESPA GTS | GTS Super 300 HPE MY 19-20 (Euro 4).

REMUS Slip-Ons - the eye-catcher on your motorcycle, which impresses not only with its outstanding design, but also with more power, premium performance and the unique REMUS sound. The sport exhaust produces a deep, sonorous and sporty sound that gives you the feeling of being on the road with a racing motorcycle. The exhaust sleeve is made of stainless steel. Break silence - with your REMUS exhaust!

CAUTION: EC type approval only valid with 0115 771716!


  • High grade material (Stainless steel)
  • Performance and torque increase
  • Sporty, sonorous sound
  • Weight-optimized
  • (ECE-) approval
Mere information
Supported vehicles
  • VESPA GTS / GTS Super 300 HPE MY 19-20 (EURO 4) MA3C, 17,5 kW

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5.352,75 kr.

Incl. 25% VAT